18 Years Old Guy Drove At 120 Mph Speed. What Cop Did With Him Is A Lesson For All The Youngsters

A good number of people lose their lives or get injured due to road accidents but still there are many who refuse to drive slow and they not only risk their lives but the lives of others as well. Usually, youngsters love to drive in high speed and sometimes they get caught and fined by police as well; however, this guy was caught by cop despite the fact that he was not at fault legally.

A user named Andrew Katz who is from Isle of Man shared an incident of his life on Quora after a question was posted on the site, “What is your most interesting encounter with the police?”

Talking about the unforgettable incident, Andrew told that once he was stopped by a policeman when he was driving his mother’s car at a speed of 120 mph. He was 18 yrs old at that time and there was no speed restriction on that stretch of road, so legally he had done nothing wrong. After stopping him, the policeman asked him whether he knew as to why he was stopped. He said that most probably due to the reason that he was driving at 120 mph.

The policeman said that he clocked him at 115 mph so Andrew asked him what he would do then. To this, the policeman responded with, “You’ll see”.

Andrew was confused as he did nothing wrong as per the law and he was afraid as to what the policeman would be doing with him.

As Andrew drove towards his home, the policeman also followed him and as soon as he reached the home, the cop put his lights and siren on. As Andrew’s mother saw the policeman, she went to talk to him and after knowing the whole incident, she scolded her son and didn’t give him the car’s keys for a long time.

Here’s the incident shared by Andrew on Quora:

I was 18 years old, and driving my mother’s car. The police pulled me over.

‘Good evening Sir. Do you know why I pulled you over?’

Me, smugly: ‘It was probably because I was doing 120 mph’.

‘Actually, no. We only clocked you at 115.’

(It’s relevant that in the Isle of Man, on that stretch of road, there was no speed limit).

‘So, what happens now, officer?’

‘You’ll see’.

I set off very carefully, and the officer followed at a respectful distance, as I drove home. As soon as I entered our drive, he put his lights and siren on, so my mum, hearing the commotion, rushed out of the house and started talking to him.

Then she strode purposefully over to me (I was still sitting in her car) and gave me the telling off of a lifetime.

I stole a glance at the police officer as he prepared to drive away. He had the biggest shit-eating grin you’d ever seen, as he started the car and set off, leaving me to my fate, tipping the brim of his cap as he left.

Needless to say, it was very many months before I was able to borrow her car again

That was great policing, though.

That was indeed an example of great policing, as the cop might not have been in a position to take action legally but he made sure that Andrew didn’t make the mistake again. Some people may feel that the cop did wrong as Andrew was not at fault but even if there was no speed limit, driving at 120 mph is very risky and it should not done by anyone, leave alone an 18 years old boy.

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