3 Real Life Time Travel Stories Of Ancient World That Prove Time Travel Exists For Long

Time. The 4th Dimension. The concept of Time Travel has caught our fancy since ages. The urge to go back and forth in time like we travel from one place to another is so fascinating.


As we think, the questions appear like, “What if I can go in future and see the grown-up me and my family?”, “What if I can go in the past and fix my mistakes” and makes us wonder if it’s really possible on earth to do so?

Scientists have done a great study on it and have put forward some breathtaking theories. No doubt that even in this age, the day of practical time travel looks far, but there are many stories which tell that it has happened well in the past.

Let’s have a look at some of these stories-

1. King Kakudmi and his daughter Revati travelled time during Mahabharata period


Back in 400BC during Mahabharata period, King Kakudmi had a great and advanced kingdom under the sea. He was worried as he was not getting a suitable match for his only princess Revati.

To seek suggestions regarding the right bridegroom from Brahma, he along with Revathi travels to Brahmaloka. As they arrived, Brahma was listening to a musical performance. When Brahma got free, the King bowed down and humbly requested for help.

Upon listening to the King’s request, Brahma laughed and said-

“O King! The princes that you thought would become the bridegroom of your daughter, all died; their sons and grandsons and their friends even have all passed away.”

Brahma further goes on to explain that time runs differently on different planes of existence. The time they had spent waiting in Brahmaloka to see him, 27 chatur-yugas, had passed on Earth.

Meanwhile, everything that Kakudmi had and owned, his friends, family, his armies and treasures, had vanished with the time. The King and his daughter were shocked to learn this, so Brahma comforted them, and recommended Balarama, the twin brother of Krishna as a bridegroom of Revathi.

2. Story of Seven Sleepers


The story dates back to AD 250 when 7 people fled away from the cruel Roman Emperor Decius. As they took shelter in a cave outside the city of Ephesus and started praying, they fell asleep. Meanwhile, the angered emperor ordered to seal the mouth of the cave with the men still inside.

One day, the landowner decides to open the mouth of the cave to use it as a cattle pen. As he opened it, he saw those men sleeping inside. With the light making its path inside, the men got awake. To the surprise of all of them, almost 200 years had passed away when they thought it had been just one night.

When one of the men left the cave in search of food, he found that Christianity was no longer a persecuted religion in Ephesus. In fact, most people now shared his belief in Jesus Christ, and there were crosses openly displayed atop buildings in the town.

3. The Story Of Urashima Taro


As per a popular Japanese legend, Urashima Taro was an individual who visited the underwater palace of the Dragon God Ryujin. After staying there for three days, when he returned to the surface, 300 years had passed.

What are your thoughts on it?

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