Chinese Space Station Finally Hits The Earth. Here’s Where It Fell

Since a long time, there were speculations about a Chinese space station crashing down on the Earth. Finally, this day is here & it has crashed down. At around 8 am in the morning, it crashed down at the Southern Pacific Ocean & remaining pieces have been scattered all over.

This report was confirmed by United States’ Joint Force Space Component Command.

So finally, the news of Tiangong-1’s demise is confirmed. No one got injured & no damages were reported. There were few chances of the pieces landing on someone, however, nothing of this sort happened.

Reports say,

“The station may have landed northwest of Tahiti, Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said on Twitter. That location is north of the Spacecraft Cemetery, an isolated region in the Pacific Ocean where space debris has frequently landed.”

This spaceship had lost control few years back and since then, there was a lot of buzz.

Predictions had been made by multiple agencies; it was also said that Earth was in danger. However, it moved so fast that no one could actually guess where it would land.

Thankfully, the space ship didn’t hit any populated area. It was actually difficult to guess where it would fall, but now that it did, its 7 years in orbit are ended.

Yesterday afternoon, the trackers could predict the time and the location but they still felt it’s variable.

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