Guy Posts On FB That He Wants To Eat Chicken Biryani But Doesn’t Have Money. This Is What Happened

Needless to say, social media is filled with different kinds of people and while there are those who leave no chance to make it filthy with their dirty comments and hate speeches, it also has no shortage of kind and good people who want to help others.

Almost everyone’s pocket is empty at the end of the month and this is especially true in case of students. Sometimes they need to wait for around 2 to 5 days to fulfill even their basic needs or eat favourite food.

Something similar happened with this student named Uddipan Misra who was craving for a plate of mouth-watering chicken/mutton biryani but since it was the month’s end and he was living away from home, he had no option other than waiting for the next month when he would get money from family for his monthly expenses.

He thought that he couldn’t live without biryani and hence shared a post on Bengaluru Biryani Club in which he wrote about his situation and described how desperately he wanted to eat biryani.

The post read,

“I’m a student living in Koramangala. I’m broke because it’s almost the end of the month. Can any generous biryani lover send me chicken/mutton biryani?”

And guess what? Some generous people actually ordered biryani for him!

Expressing his gratitude towards them, he shared another Facebook post that read,

“This afternoon, I was craving for some delicious chicken/mutton biryani. But being a student living away from home, it’s a regular affair to be broke near the end of every month. So, no wonder, I couldn’t afford a sumptuous plate of biryani, at least, for the 3-4 days till July is over. Yet as I sat on the couch, munching chips, I thought to myself that I couldn’t do without biryani today. So I put up a light hearted post on Bengaluru Biryani Club, stating my situation and how desperately I wanted biryani. Honestly, I had not expected anything but “haha” reacts and “I can relate” comments. I was taken by absolute surprise and was overwhelmed to see the comments section and my inbox which were flooded with responses asking for my address to be sent biryani to. I can’t thank anyone enough for the love and kindness they’ve shown today and gestures like these make life beautiful!! Till now, I have received 4 orders of biryani. There were others whose offers I had to decline because what in the world would I do with so much biryani? My friends and I have binged over three orders and are absolutely satiated. It feels like we’ve attained nirvana. I shared one plate with two street kids in my neighborhood and they are sooo happy!! Today has to be one of the most memorable days of my life, because today I have witnessed true altruism!! Couldn’t have imagined that the love for biryani can get people so close!!

Special thanks to Pratik Shevade, Debosmit Chakravorty, Shivadatta Sharma, Tomy Fernandez who literally sent me biryani!!”

He also shared pics of biryani:




There is no denying the fact that social media is very mighty at the present time and has the power to make big changes. It can make any common person like Chaiwali Aunty a celebrity and fulfill a man’s craving like it did for Uddipan Misra. How great it would be if this platform brings major and positive changes in society and eventually eradicates pests like corruption, crimes against women, etc. What do you say?

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