Meet Sabrina Pasterski – This 24-Yr Girl Is A Genius In Physics & The Next Einstein

Just recently, we lost a great scientist Stephen Hawking who, despite his disabilities, researched on many complex issues and found out the answers to the questions that the mankind wanted to know.

Earlier also, there have been some great minds on this Earth such as Albert Einstein, Aryabhatta, Shakuntala Devi, etc. and now we are going to tell you about someone who is being touted as the next Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.


Sabrina Pasterski, a 24-yr old girl, has already been given the name of “Physics girl” for her accomplishments at such young age. Presently, she is pursuing her Ph.D from Harvard University.

To give you one example of how intelligent she is, she made an airplane at the age of 13 and flew it when she was 14.


She is researching about black holes, space-time and nature of gravity. Her focus is mainly on knowing “quantum gravity” as it explains the gravity’s phenomena in regards to quantum mechanics. If she attains success, this will be great for humans as it will become easy for us to understand the universe.

She completed her graduation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT and secured 5.0 GPA, the highest a student can get.


She also has a YouTube channel named “PhysicsGirl” where she has shared the procedure of making a plane in the video “Sabrina 2006: Building an Airplane for My Dad”. This video has been watched for more than 6,00000 times.

Here’s a video in this connection:

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We wish her luck and hope that she achieves many more milestones in life.

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