These Top Businessmen Spend A Huge Amount On Security

Making money isn’t easy in this world and if you manage to overcome all the difficulties and become a billionaire then you face another kind of difficulties. The difficulties to maintain that money and even save your life.

Having a worth of billions itself costs you too much. Some of the top billionaires in our world actually have to shell out a lot of money for their security. This amount is anyway no less than any extortion fees. Have a look at the amount each of these billionaires are paying to protect themselves.

1. Mukesh Ambani


India’s richest businessman was reportedly giving up Rs 14 lakh rupees each month for his security by 2014 end. The latest cost is unavailable but it must have surely increased in last 4 years.

2. Tim Cook


Apple’s CEO Tim Cook also gets a high-level security and the company pays $209,151 i.e Rs 1.5 crores yearly.

3. Mark Zuckerberg


Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg shells out $20,000 i.e. Rs 13.50 lakhs every day for his security. As per security filings, Facebook spent $7.3 million i.e Rs 49 crores approx last year “for costs related to personal security for Zuckerberg at his residences and during personal travel.

4. Jeff Bezos


Amazon spent $1.6 million i.e. Rs 10.75 crores approx in 2016 for the security of the CEO Jeff Bezos.

5. Warren Buffet


The chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway paid $387,881 i.e Rs 2.60 crores in 2016 for his personal security. The security costs increased compared to 2015 which itself were more than 2014.

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